Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Squidfont Orchestral

This is another orchestral pack, the first orchestral pack I ever used in fact. I discovered it a little while after getting into orchestral writing and it's a vast improvement on fl's in-built string/piano/brass sounds, it really helped propel my writing ability. While the sample quality isn't quite as high as that of sonatina symphonic orchestra for example, it does have a place, e.g. the staccato instruments such as strings and woodwind are useful. The following is a sample of a song written using squidfont orchestral:


The string sounds are good, with good sustain and staccato, and even pizzicato, and the woodwinds sound quite nice too. The brass is a little weak, as seems to be the trend with free brass samples. However, many aspects remain very usable, especially in conjunction with other orchestral packs to add depth to the sound.

Here's a little sample of my work where I used this pack

Here's the download link for Squidfont Orchestral 

You'll also need this program to decompress the pack into a .sf2 file

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